Workshop / Training
Rachel Corrie Pancake Breakfast and Meetup

November 1 (Saturday)8-11:00 AM
1535 11th Ave ( Third Floor), Seattle
Sponsored by
The Seattle Stranger

One last chance before the election is stolen! Meet, network, learn how to man the barricades without letting the fascists bulldoze us out of their way! Free organic, vegan breakfast provided courtesy of the staff of The Seattle Stranger.

full description & details:

Following a satisfying breakfast, participants will be able to network, conceptualize, actualize and plot constructive ways to prevent the evil McBush forces from seizing power for a third term. From creative visualization to verbal judo to righteous action, every tactic is fair! No holds are barred! funny pictures Come learn how to stand firm in the face of the neocolonialist fascist bulldozer!!!1!

Clinics on emergency first aid and revolutionary hygiene will also be provided. Participants jokes willing to undertake direct revolutionary action can sign up to have their bail posted by the staff of The Seattle Stranger.

Contact Person:
Diderot's Dog

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